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Premium Valet

Premium Valet

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  • 3 Months Hydrophobic Protection
  • Rain Repellant Applied To Windows
  • Exterior Plastics Conditioned
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Whats included

Starting from £87, our Premium Valet service offers everything included in our meticulous Maintenance Valeting and then some. This package is designed for those who want their car to look pristine and have added protection against the elements.

After ensuring your car is spotlessly clean, we apply a hydrophobic protection lasting up to 3 months. This provides that water beads off your car's surface, reducing the risk of water spots and making it easier to clean in the future. In addition, we apply a rain repellant to your windows, enhancing visibility during wet conditions and ensuring safer drives during rain.

To top it all off, we condition the exterior plastics of your vehicle, ensuring they retain their colour and don't fade or become brittle over time.

Choose our Premium Valet service for a car that doesn't just look good but is also better protected against the unpredictable British weather.

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