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Mr & Mrs Showroom Finish

Mr & Mrs Showroom Finish

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  • Heavy Cut Paint Work Compounding
  • Paintwork Refined
  • Two Year Ceramic Coating Applied
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Starting from £495, the Mr and Mrs Showroom Finish epitomises car detailing excellence. Designed for vehicles that have endured the brunt of the elements, this package is perfect for cars with pronounced swirls, scratches, and paint defects. We employ a meticulous two-stage paint correction and enhancement process that removes up to 90% of these imperfections, restoring your car's paintwork to its former glory.

The process begins with a heavy cut compounding on the paintwork, effectively addressing and reducing visible marks and blemishes. The paintwork is refined using a specialised polishing pad, ensuring a smooth and radiant finish. But the crowning touch is the application of a ceramic coating that provides a lustrous sheen and offers protection that lasts up to 2 years.

With the Mr and Mrs Showroom Finish, your car won't just look new; it will exude the elegance and shine of a vehicle straight out of the showroom. Experience the ultimate "Showroom Finish, Always" with us.

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