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Paint Enhancement

Paint Enhancement

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  • Full Exterior Safe Wash
  • Decontamination (Iron & Tar Removal)
  • Full Exterior Clay Bar
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Whats included

Starting at £295, our Paint Enhancement package is a transformative experience for your vehicle's exterior. Designed for those who cherish their car's appearance, this service targets and diminishes up to 40% of swirl marks, breathing new life into your paintwork.

The journey to rejuvenated paint begins with a complete exterior safe wash, ensuring all surface dirt and contaminants are gently lifted. Following the wash, we delve deeper with a thorough decontamination process, targeting and removing iron deposits and tar spots that can dull your car's shine.

A full exterior clay bar treatment is applied to further prep the surface. This process meticulously extracts embedded contaminants, leaving the paint surface silky smooth and ready for the final step.

The transformation culminates with rotary and dual-action polishing. This step reduces swirl marks and restores the gloss and vibrancy of your car's colour, making it look refreshed and radiant.

Choose our Paint Enhancement service and let your car's paintwork shine with renewed brilliance.

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